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Gurusoft is a leading software developer for energy management, with over two decades of experience. Our system is the market leading system for energy optimization in the public and private sectore in Norway. Gurusoft EOS (Energy Optimization System) is capable of handling everything from data collection to automatic reporting and dynamic dashboards, with an integrated notification system. User friendly data visualization is a core part of the system, and it is used to document, analyse and monitor operations.

What does Gurusoft EOS have to offer?

"Gurusoft EOS is the most flexible system in the industry. We save more than 10 million kWh per year from just our school buildings."

— Espen Svendsen, Energy optimization manager, Stavanger Municipality.

"We could never operate all our properties without the use of Gurusoft EOS. The payback period for our investment was less than one year."

— Vidar Haugen, Technical Manager, Fritzøe Property

Other features & solutions

IoT2Report - Automatic data retrieval from IoT sensors

Dynamic dashboards and graphs to monitor and analyse the operations

Ad hoc data visualisations for analysis

Automatic and flexible reporting

User roles and access control (unlimited number of users and user roles)

Tracking of all values, offering a historical log of data mutations and new entries

Automatically generate new values based on collected data, such as mean and aggregated values

Notfications by sms/email when defined limit values are exceeded (upper/lower boundaries)

Cloud solution

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Customer driven product development

Gurusoft EOS is a result of continous product development driven by our customers and the users of the system. We value a strong relationship with our customers, and that collaboration has been key ever since the first version of the system was launched more than 20 years ago. Feedback from users is an integral part of our product development, and we host an annual summit for our customers and partners, where we discuss the latest system updates and what the priorities should be going forward. Updates are released semi-annually and automaticallty rolled out to all customers