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Gurusoft has developed industry leading software solutions for drinking water production and distribution for the last two decades. Our solutions is based on a data hub that handles everything from data collection to automatic reports and dynamic dashboards. User friendly visualisation of data is a core part of our solutions, which can be used to document, analyse and monitor the operations.

Solutions & features for the drinking water industry

Other features & solutions

IoT2Report - Automatic data retrieval from IoT sensors

Scada2Report - Automatic data retrieval from SCADA systems

Dynamic dashboards and graphs, as well as ad hoc, to monitor and analyse the operations

Automatic reporting, for example used to automate periodic reports

User roles and access control (unlimited number of users and user roles)

Tracking of all values, including adjustments and new data transfers

Automatically generate new values based on collected data, such as mean and aggregated values

Notfications by sms/email when defined limit values are exeeded (upper/lower boundaries)

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Dashboard and visualisation examples